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April 6, 2018
For the last two years I have been using a most remarkable product called "Restore." It is a liquid mineral supplement made from lignite that acts as a kind of zipper to close up the openings in the gut that we have come to know as "leaky gut syndrome."

When the "tight junctions" in the small intestine, which are part of the intelligent lining of the gut, are healthy, they allow only the molecules that are SUPPOSED to get into our blood system and travel throughout the body as nutrients, immune support or anti-microbials (for example). However, when those tight junctions have been broken down by prescription antibiotics, pesticides like RoundUp (glyphosate), excessively concentrated gluten (as is typical of our current wheat supply), or other toxins like plastics (which can be hormone disrupters), that intelligent membrane can no longer do its job appropriately. It allows larger molecules and protein complexes to pass through the lining and lodge themselves in places where they should not be. There (brain, heart, blood vessels, joints), those inappropriate substances generate inflammatory changes and wreck havoc with our health.

Restore, because of its unique molecular charge, can close up those holes, and help to both heal your gut, and heal your body (including reducing inflammation in the brain). For more information go to 

OLDER BLOG (2014?)
The most exciting news I've come across lately is that you can enhance your health tremendously by making a more regular and direct connection with our home planet, Earth. Yes, it is that cheap, available, and simple. Going barefoot outside, especially on nice wet dewy earth, on stone, sand, and unpainted concrete, allows our body to collect negative ions that are plentiful on the earth's crust. These negative ions help to offset the oxidative processes that worsen inflammation. Yes, it's the biggest anti-oxidant known thus far to me, and you don't have to swallow a pill for it.

Ever since the mid 1900's most of us Americans have been wearing rubber-soled shoes. Rubber is not a good conductor. Before then, we either had leather-soled shoes, or went barefoot, and got to have this robust contact with these healing ions. Electrical creatures that we are, we thrive in the right bio-chemical environment. 

Beware: wooden decks and painted cement don't work.

If you'd like to read more about this, go to, and read or listen to the interview with Dr. James Oschman (just put "earthing" in the search box, and then look for Dr. Oschman interview). Or just go to the

                                       In gratitude for access to such knowledge
                                       Marianne Herr-Paul, D.O.